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Photoshop Recovery Toolbox 2.0

It will help you recover broken, damaged, or corrupted Photoshop documents
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Photoshop Recovery Toolbox is a powerful application meant to help you recover broken, damaged, or corrupted Photoshop documents. It supports recovering files of the common Photoshop image format, PSD, but also its Mac variant: 8BPS, and the format used for larger documents, PSB.

Photoshop Recovery Toolbox is very easy-to-use thanks to its wizard-like graphical interface that guides the user step-by-step through the recovery and restoration process. Even complete beginners can handle this application without a problem. I really like about this program the fact that after you select the file to be recovered, it shows what data from that file can be recovered: layers, headers, objects, backgrounds, and so on. You can preview this data in both binary format and as part of the actual image. Furthermore, before starting the actual recovery process, you can select which layer properties should be recovered, as some may be corrupted beyond fixing while others may still be restored without an issue.

Another remarkable benefit of this tool is the fact that the recovery speed is really fast. You won’t have to waste much precious time in order to attempt the recovery of Photoshop files when using this tool.

To sum it all up, Photoshop Recovery Toolbox is a nice, simple and handy application that can help you considerably whenever you’re forced to deal with corrupted Photoshop files.

Margie Smeer
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  • Wizard-like interface
  • Supports PSD but also PSB and 8BPS files
  • Fast recovery speed


  • The demo version adds noise to the recovered image
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